Experience atmosphere of Great Grace-Soft Copy


This book is about the believers’ total heritage in the Lord, brought about by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. It gives a concept of God’s family house called the “House of Bread” where adequate provisions are made for all indwelling believers. Within, you will learn much about Grace, the Plans of God, the Promises of God, the Blessings and Help in the House of Bread, Discovering God’s purpose in His commandments, the Nuggets for success and How to have answers to your prayers always. It is the believers’ book of Rights and Privileges. It takes you on a tour through nine mansions in heaven as it was revealed to the Author and describes the services rendered in each mansion for the well-being of believers on earth. It is exciting to know how heaven is organised in order to serve the people of God on earth well. The Author has shared some motivating insights by his encounters with the Lord to inspire faith in you. There is absolutely no better place than to dwell in the House of Bread – this is your invitation to this House. Receive it and dwell there in. Great Grace awaits you in the House of Bread to create abundance and prosperity in your life.


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