Life At Its Best-Hard Copy


The book evolved from twenty hours seminars organized for a cross section of believers in Malaysia. The theme of the seminar was “Identifying Your Purpose and Attaining Your Potential In Life”. Some of the topics addressed in Life At Its Best includes: How to discover God’s purpose for a fruitful living; How to activate your potential in God’s given purpose; How to remove common hurdles that made others failed to achieve their potentials; How to release your potential for Great Achievements and How to receive the key for PEAK Performances. You can have Life At Its Best, filled with peace and fulfilments! Fulfilment is a true life of success and peace – that is what God desires for you. The teachings are insightful to help you discover your calling and purpose in life on one hand and on the other hand, they are motivational to help you march up with zeal to achieve your purpose with clear steps on how. It was written for those who are the “Called to significance” and for those who would be “Achievers of Significance”. When you need life at its best, then you need this book


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